Ḥusn al-Khātimah: The Beautiful Ending of Life

Shaikh Ibrahim Barnawi  &  Dr Muhammed Madappally

Theologically speaking, this world is created as a place of deceit and arrogance. We are in haste to satisfy the satanic biological and psychological desires. We sail against the tide in which many will be successful in crossing through the sea, while many others fail in between. What a deceitful world this is; many hours are there which are spun with ages, and many othersare taken by the ages.

As the Prophetentered the Madinah, Islam was exposed to Madinites. People embraced Islam wholeheartedly in the presence of the Prophet. There was no house in Madinah untouched by the light of Islam except that of Uṣayrim ʿAmr bin Thābit, an adamant hater of the messenger . Also known as Uṣayrim, he was from Banī Abdi al-Ashhal.

During the battle of Uḥd,the Prophet and his companions marched to the battlefield for the divinely determined mission. It was the time whenUṣayrim’s heart started sparking with the divine light. Heeventually accepted Islam as a way of his spiritual and physical life. At the soonest, he wore the battle gowns and rushed to support the Muslim army. He became a warrior of Islam and started to fight standing along with the Prophet .

See, what a wonder!! How a person who was so hateful to the Prophet and Islam changed his mind all at once! It was acomplete transformation from the steep abyss of misguidance and misfortune to the pinnacles of divine guidance.See how mysteriously unique his fate was; he just started, joined the line of battle, fought fiercely, and wounded so much so that he became a martyr; shahīd.

Abu Huraira (r) reports that he was the onlyman in the history of Islam with divine fortune who entered the heaven without a single Sajdah (prostration) to Allah . Uṣayrim was a person who spent his entire life in complete antagonism, hatred, and disobedience towards Islam, but marched from the storm of hellfire to the affluence of heaven.He moved from grill and rigidity of bitter cold to the lined-up fairy beauties and sprouted carpets and the closeness of the Prophet Muhammed in the permanent heavenly heights. What a captivating fairy finishing tail of life!! That is theḤusnulKhātimah, beautiful ending of life.

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We know how best was the Khātimah (final moments) of the Prophet. He welcomed the month of Ramaḍān and sat on Iʿtikāffor 20 days. Angel Jibrīlused to descend unto him and reiterate the whole Quran in every Ramadan. However, in his final Ramadan, Jibrīl repeated twice.He went on Hajj last year and returned from it, completing the Dīn (the religion). That was a coveted and captivating ending of the Prophetic life. When he accomplished his missions, full of leadership, teaching Quran, warring and propagating, Allah wanted him to be called back by giving him both leadership and sacrifice. He was poisoned in Khaybar as a result of which he was not well till the end of his life.

The final moment, the Khātimah,of every individual is in the hands of Allah, the Creator and Sustainer. His mercy is supreme. Prophet says, a person may doall good deeds throughout his life. Still, if his destiny is written in the divine Taqdīr as a person of hell, his evil deeds will transcend the better ones and end up as a person of hell. And a person may do all evil deeds throughout his life. Still, if his destiny is written in the divine Taqdīr as a person of heaven, his better deeds will cross over the bad ones and end up in heaven. We pray Allah the Almighty to make our final moments good, our best deed our last deed, and the best moment the moment we meet Allah.

(Shaikh Ibrahim Barnawi, Sudan, is an Imam and Khatib under the Ministry of Auqaf and Islamic Affairs, Qatar.Dr Muhammed Madappalli currently works as Post Graduate Teacher at Birla Public School in Qatar. He is also a Section Editor of Islam onwebEnglish edition. He started his career as an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India.)


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