With Armenia's Addition, 145 Countries Officially Recognize Palestine

Armenia has officially recognized the State of Palestine, becoming the 145th country to take this significant step over the past decades. The Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement reaffirming their commitment to international law and the principles of equality, sovereignty, and peaceful coexistence of peoples. The ministry emphasized support for a two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as the only viable path for both Palestinians and Israelis to achieve their legitimate aspirations.

This decision comes amid Israel's ongoing conflict in Gaza and follows similar recognitions by several other countries, including Slovenia, Spain, Ireland, and Norway. Currently, 145 countries, making up more than two-thirds of United Nations member states, have recognized the State of Palestine.

The Palestinian presidency praised Armenia's decision, calling it a "courageous and significant" move that strengthens bilateral relations and fosters regional peace and stability. The presidency's statement, reported by the WAFA news agency, highlighted the strong bonds of friendship between the two nations and commended Armenia's commitment to supporting the Palestinian people's rights to land and self-determination. They urged other nations, particularly European countries that have yet to recognize the State of Palestine, to follow Armenia's example based on international legitimacy resolutions adhering to the 1967 borders, which include Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem.

In response to Armenia's recognition, Israel's foreign ministry summoned Armenia's ambassador to Israel. This diplomatic move occurred shortly after Armenia declared its recognition of the State of Palestine, amid Israel's deadly war on Gaza. According to the Palestinian health ministry, the conflict has resulted in at least 37,431 Palestinian deaths and more than 84,000 injuries, predominantly affecting women and children. Additionally, Israel's blockade has severely impacted Gaza's population, pushing over half of its 2.3 million residents to the brink of starvation.

The situation in Gaza has further deteriorated following Israel's ground operation in Rafah, which has forced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to flee the southernmost city of the strip.


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