International Conference in Makkah Emphasizes Unity Among Islamic Sects

Makkah Al-Mukarramah - Participants of the international conference titled "Building Bridges Between Islamic Sects," organized by the Muslim World League, convened in Makkah Al-Mukarramah to underscore the significance of strengthening bonds within the Islamic nation while rejecting divisive rhetoric and misrepresentations of Islam and Muslims.

Dr. Sami Al-Sharif, the Secretary General of the Association of Islamic Universities, highlighted the timeliness of the conference amidst ongoing challenges facing the Islamic world due to the distortion of Islam's image. He stressed the need to establish connections with the West and other entities to rectify misconceptions about Muslims.

The conference, attended by scholars from various Islamic sects, aimed to facilitate dialogue on returning to the core principles of Islam and fostering unity. Dr. Abdul Karim Bakhsh, Secretary General of the Central Ahl al-Hadith Society in Pakistan, commended the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for hosting the event, emphasizing the urgent need for Islamic unity.

Jawad Al-Khoei, Secretary General of the House of Knowledge of Imam Al-Khoei in Najaf, emphasized the significance of the conference being held during the holy month of Ramadan in the sacred city of Makkah. He reiterated the fundamental unity shared by Muslims worldwide and praised the efforts of the Muslim World League in promoting solidarity.

Ali Muhammad Al-Amin, a member of the Council of Muslim Elders, highlighted the conference's role in fostering unity amidst external pressures seeking to divide the Islamic community. Special attention was given to expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people during a dedicated session.

The conference sessions, chaired by Dr. Abdulaziz Qansuh of Alexandria University, focused on practical initiatives to bridge ideological gaps among Islamic sects. Dr. Ismail Lutfi Javakia of Pattani University in Thailand underscored the historical existence of differences among scholars and advocated for maintaining unity through educational advocacy.

Dr. Muhammad bin Nimr Al-Sammak, representing various Islamic committees, commended the Muslim World League's efforts to foster an inclusive culture respecting diversity within Islam. Dr. Ahmed Kawesa Ssengendu of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation stressed the importance of solidarity for progress, especially in the face of global challenges.

Dr. Abdul Hannan Magarang Tagoo, Executive President of the Supreme Council of Philippine Scholars for Peace and Development, emphasized Islam's message of peace and respect for human diversity. He highlighted the role of institutions in promoting unity and participation in international forums.

The conference concluded with a renewed commitment to fostering unity, understanding, and cooperation among Islamic sects, aiming to counter divisive narratives and uphold the true values of Islam.

(Source: Union of OIC News Agencies - UNA)


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