Gaza: What Does True Victory Mean?   

Victory for a Mu’min should not be measured solely in material terms. For a Mu’min, victory is a holistic concept. It encompasses well-being in this world, fulfillment of obligations, success in the hereafter, and, most importantly, one's attitude when facing adversity.

True victory can be seen in the Palestinian brothers and sisters who, despite enduring a month-long genocide and seven decades of inhumane atrocities and occupation, continue to say 'Al-Hamdulillah' and remain optimistic. This victory is a manifestation of complete reliance on Allah, the unwavering trust (tawakkul), and certainty (yaqeen) they display.

Even when the entire world stands against you, the belief that Almighty Allah will come to your aid is the ultimate victory. This faith is a stark contrast to the chaos seen in societies that resort to killing civilians.

Victory lies in turning to Allah in the face of calamities. It is about shaping one's character, achieving self-realization, and demonstrating the right actions and reactions. These aspects are the genuine markers of a Mu’min's triumph. It is not about the death toll, technological advancements, military equipment, or international support; rather, it is about faith, resilience, and a steadfast commitment to the path of Allah. For a Mu;min, this world is temporary. It is a trust and trail. The ultimate victory is in the hereafter.

For instance, in the first 10 verses of Surah Al-Mu'minun, Allah highlights the characteristics of victorious individuals. These features revolve around one's character, Taqwa (God-consciousness), and obedience to Allah, underscoring the spiritual and moral dimensions of victory. Allah mentions the reasons for true help from Him, in the context of Badr battle (Al-Imran: 123-126).

{Allah helped you at the battle of Badr when you were helpless. Therefore, have fear of Allah; perhaps you may become thankful. Remember when you said to the believers, "Is it not enough that Allah should send down three thousand angels to help you?.

Of course! If you remain patient and on your guard, Allah will send to your aid not three thousand but, five thousand specially marked angels in case of a sudden attack from the enemy.

Allah has told you this as a good news and that your hearts may be at ease thereby; victory comes only from Allah, the Mighty, the Wise.}

The weapons Allah mentions in these verses are:

  1. Taqwah (God consciousness)
  2. Shukr (gratitude)
  3. Sabr (patience)

The Palestinians hold these powerful weapons of Taqwah (God consciousness), Shukr (gratitude), and Sabr (patience) with them. Their strength lies not in government support or endorsements from celebrities. In addition, they win hearts and solidarity of billions of people worldwide with prayers and protests. With these spiritual and enduring strengths, they are on the path to achieving ultimate victory. Belief that Allah is with us even when no one else gave them energy forward. The little ones in Palestine also amazed with their unwavering faith and support. Faith is their strongest weapon. Every Shahadah is like a seed that nurtures strength and faith among Palestinians. In the words of a Palestinian brother, those who have become martyrs are granted a second chance at life, willingly choosing martyrdom multiple times. They do so in the name of Allah to uphold justice and protect their homeland.

In the battle of Badr, the Muslim army confronted an enemy force three times their size, fully equipped with troops and war materials. Their victory can be attributed to two key factors:

  1. The power of prayer: The Prophet fervently prayed, persistently raising his hands in supplication until his cloak fell off his shoulders.
  2. Divine intervention: Allah sent thousands of angels as aid to the Muslim army, as mentioned in Surah 8:12 of the Quran.

The conflict between good and evil persists throughout history. Islamic history has been marked by struggles and hardships. Muslims stand with Truth and Reality. In this world, this is a daydream to expect a day where whole world will praise Islam and Muslims. As believers and responsible individuals, our focus should be on responding to injustices and upholding truth throughout our lives. We will be judged based on our actions, rather than the outcomes of our efforts, as those outcomes are ultimately controlled by Allah.

Feeling sympathy and pain when we witness the suffering of innocent children is a profoundly humane response. However, as mature individuals, our responsibility extends beyond mere empathy. We are obliged to actively contribute to the betterment, preservation, and promotion of what is good.

It is not required an in-depth historical background, but a brief examination of Israel's formation as a nation can help anyone appreciate the gravity of Zionist assaults. Such awareness may inspire empathy for Palestine and motivate individuals to take meaningful actions.

            Every single act is accounted for, regardless of its size. It's all about how you fulfill your role. We should never underestimate seemingly small actions, as they too hold significance in the grand scheme of things. The Prophet, peace be upon him, said: "Allah indeed supports this nation through its weak ones due to their supplications, prayers, and sincerity."

Prayers for brothers and sisters in Palestine. 



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