Loss of 4% of Gaza’s Population due to the Zionist Aggression

Geneva (UNA/QNA) - The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Observatory estimated that about 4 percent of the total population of Gaza, more than 90 thousand people, were martyred, missing or wounded, including those with long-term disabilities, as a result of the genocidal war. launched by the Israeli occupation on the Gaza Strip since October 7, 2023.

The Observatory highlighted, in a statement, that the continuous occupation attacks by air, land and sea destroyed about 70% of civilian facilities and infrastructure in Gaza, with an approach that appears to aim to implement collective punishment against the population, and to make the Strip, which has been under siege for more than 17 years, an uninhabitable place, including Hundreds of thousands of civilians are forced into mass forced displacement.

He stated that his preliminary statistics indicate that 30.676 Palestinians were martyred as of the day before yesterday, noting that 28.201 of the victims of Israeli air and artillery attacks were civilians, including 12.040 children, 6103 women, 241 health workers and 105 journalists, while 58.960 were injured with various injuries, Hundreds of them are in serious condition.

The Euro-Mediterranean Observatory stated that its numbers include, in addition to the statistics of the Palestinian Ministry of Health, the numbers of thousands of victims who are still under the rubble of destroyed buildings, and who have been under the rubble for more than 14 days, indicating the chances that they will not survive or go missing permanently.

He also warned that hundreds of bodies of missing persons are in the streets and roads and cannot be recovered, while they cannot yet be included in the number of victims definitively, adding that about two million and 9300 Palestinians have been displaced from their homes and residential areas without the availability of a safe shelter for them, at a time when the ongoing Israeli bombing has destroyed about 67.946 housing units completely, and 179.750 housing units partially.

He explained that the occupation deliberately destroyed and caused serious damage to infrastructure facilities in the Gaza Strip, including targeting 318 schools, 1612 industrial facilities, and 169 health facilities, including 23 hospitals, 57 clinics, 89 ambulances, 201 mosques, and 3 churches, in addition to 169 From press and media headquarters.

He stressed that the Israeli entity insists on escalating its military attacks that deliberately target Palestinian civilians, and expanding its geographical area to include all areas of the Gaza Strip, causing the displacement of the vast majority of the population, in violation of the most established and binding rules of international law, both customary and written, to the extent that it amounts to to commit crimes against humanity and war crimes, including the crime of genocide, emphasizing its blatant violation of its obligations under the provisions of international humanitarian law that prohibit damage to property as a preventive means, and prevent the destruction of property to achieve deterrence even in cases of military necessity.

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor renewed its call on the Special Rapporteurs at the United Nations and the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to investigate the violations documented since the occupation began its war on Gaza, and to work to end the state of impunity it enjoys, including those responsible for grave violations, and to present all sources of The orders and those who carried them out must be brought to justice, and held accountable to ensure justice and compensation for the victims.


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