The Launch of Holistic English Books in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tuesday, May 28, 9 AM GMT, Malaysian governmental organization IKIM (Institute of Islamic Understanding in Malaysia) Chairman Prof. Dato’ Dr. Muhammad Nur Manuty launched a textbook teaching English with an Islamic perspective at the Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair located in the World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

The books are authored by Dr. Roase Mumtaz and published by Al Ameen Serve Holdings. The Holistic English book set comprises a textbook, workbooks, a teacher’s guide, an audio library, and a pre-recorded online video training on how to teach English with an Islamic perspective. These textbooks and workbooks are designed for Grade 1-6 Muslim students for whom English is a second language.

While signing a poster for the book, Dato’ Dr. Manuty explained how a book teaching English with an Islamic perspective had been anticipated since the 1980s when the idea was first introduced. He congratulated the author and publisher for bringing to life a project that had been a dream of many for four decades.

After thanking Allah (swt), his family, publisher Che Mazlan Saad, and chief editor Alifah Ab Aziz, Dr. Roase Mumtaz said, “Most standard textbooks today teach English with a philosophy and value system that may be different from Islamic values.” He continued to explain that this made it necessary to develop textbooks that teach English with an Islamic perspective.

The author further explained in his speech that often in standard English teaching textbooks, the purpose of learning a language is seen as only to communicate one’s needs. However, from an Islamic perspective, it should also be about conveying the concept of Tawheed in the best manner possible. Since the concept of Tawheed may be slightly complicated for primary grade learners, it has been rephrased in the book as Islamic Healthy Habits and Islamic Akhlaq. Therefore, the textbooks are designed to teach English language skills within themes of Islamic healthy habits and Islamic Akhlaq and how to convey them to others.

Holistic English, having been reviewed by several scholars in the field of integration of knowledge from an Islamic perspective and experts teaching English language at the school and university levels, is now being used in around ten schools, with demand for the books growing.

Dr. Roase Mumtaz holds a PhD in Education (Curriculum & Instruction) and has worked for around 14 years with Al Jazeera Media Network. Al Ameen Serve Holdings, helmed by Che Mazlan Saad, has been publishing books for children for around 25 years. Their catalogue includes textbooks teaching Arabic with an Islamic perspective, books on how to learn reading and writing in English for kindergarten goers, and books on learning the Malaysian language and Quranic recitation.


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