Hundreds Attend Janaza Prayer: Ukrainian Woman in Dubai Converts to Islam, Passes Away While Fasting

In Dubai, a large gathering of hundreds marked the janaza prayer of a 29-year-old Ukrainian woman who passed away just hours after embracing Islam. The funeral ceremony, captured in photos shared by janaza_uae, witnessed an outpouring of support from both Emiratis and expatriates at the Al Qusais cemetery mosque.

The woman, identified as Daria Kotsarenko, had recently arrived in Dubai as a tourist in search of job opportunities. Amid her journey, she found not just career prospects but also a profound connection with the teachings of Islam. Her conversion on March 25 stirred emotions among those who knew her story.

Daria's sudden demise, attributed to a suspected heart attack while observing Ramadan fasting as a new Muslim, left a void in the hearts of many. With no family or relatives in Dubai, the community rallied around her, expressing love and solidarity at her funeral prayers.

This gesture of unity echoes previous instances in the UAE, where communities have come together to honor and support new converts. Notably, in November 2022, the passing of 93-year-old Louis Jene Mitchell, also known as Um Yahya, drew similar crowds, underscoring the inclusive spirit of the nation. Residents of Abu Dhabi, moved by her story, converged in large numbers to pay their respects at her funeral.


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